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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: What & Why

You may have heard a lot about hormone replacement therapy, or bioidentical hormone therapy, but what are natural hormones and why do people need hormone replacement therapy? Why do some men need testosterone therapy, and some women need estrogen support? Now you may have heard that hormone replacement therapy can be dangerous. It’s true—when you’re dealing with synthetic hormones (hormones not having the identical structure to the ones found in the human body). The cells in our bodies were designed to be compatible with the hormones we naturally produce. Synthetic hormones are recognized differently by our cell receptors and may initiate a difference action. In some cases, our bodies see them as intruders as go into attack mode, causing much larger problems. Holistic physicians have been using natural hormones for many years. We define them as a bioidentical hormones, or hormones that are identical to what is produced and utilized in the body. As we age, our bodies slow the production of naturally occurring hormones. This happens both due to natural aging and environmental factors. Things like medications (especially birth control), stress levels, and other social factors can impact our body's ability to maintain homeostasis. So what happens when you have low levels of natural hormones? The side effects of hormone deficiency can impact a lot of areas of your life. For instance, when a man has low testosterone, he may experience lower sex drive but he may also be at a greater risk for diabetes, depression,, and coronary artery disease. For women, an imbalance of estrogen hormones can cause hot flashes, night sweats, premature aging, and poor memory. Low progesterone can also cause similar symptoms and anxiety. Fluctuations in hormone balance can affect your mood, sexual desire, and fertility. Clearly, hormone balance is really important. Do you want to know more? Check out our articles on Hormone Balancing for Men and Hormone Balancing for Women. Or even better, contact us! For specific testing and treatment schedule a visit with Dr. Stengler at 760-274-2377.