Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD

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Dr. Stengler’s received extensive training in both conventional medicine and natural alternatives, giving him the tools to provide the perfect combination of advanced modern technology and powerful time-tested traditional therapies.

Our Philosophy

Our practice at Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine can be summarized by the acronym, “caring.” We strive for compassion, awareness, responsibility, individuality, natural, and great results.

Testimonials From Our Patients

Clarice C.
Aside from my hypothyroid symptoms disappearing, my blood work/labs being greatly improved and receiving holistic care-Dr. Stengler and his wonderful staff have provided me with top notch care and services while also providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere. I look forward to my visits-the staff is amazing and I always learn something new. I can’t thank Dr. Stengler and his staff enough.
Dara G.
Before coming to see Dr. Stengler I was extremely tired all the time and very irritable. I would get a migraine each month. A blood test revealed I was deficient in several areas, even though I eat healthy and take supplements. Dr. Stengler started me on bio-identical hormones and modified my supplements, and now I feel amazing! I have lots of energy, patience, and no more migraines!! It only took less than 2 months.
Edward C.
I was experiencing bouts of fatigue that lasted from a day or two, up to weeks at a time. I went to a number of doctors who – after doing lots of tests – told me there was nothing wrong with me. But still, I had bouts of fatigue that threatened to leave me jobless. A friend of mine told me to look for a naturopathic doctor, and I found Dr. Stengler. After telling him my symptoms, he told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His treatments got me back to work back to normal energy levels.
Lindsay F.
An amazing office, center & staff for any type of health concerns you are facing. Dr Stengler and LaBeau have been so helpful in all aspects. Allergy testing, bloodwork, food sensitivity testing, headache issues, post covid issues, vitamins, etc. Sitting in the front office you are provided with all of Dr Stengler’s books that he wrote on natural holistic remedies, he is great at what he does! Overall the staff and doctors are so nice, helpful, accommodating and have helped me find out the root cause of any health issues i’ve had this last year. 11/10 recommend to everyone in Sandiego, worth a drive if you’re further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office does not accept insurance. Payment is expected at the time of service with cash or credit card. We do not accept checks. Check with your healthcare insurer to see if your office visit or lab tests can be reimbursed.

Yes, and we request that you do to ensure you make the most of your time with our doctors. Filling out these important forms in advance will save you valuable time when you visit our office or have your phone consultation with our doctors. The form is completed online on our secure server.

Scheduling an appointment is easy! This can be an in-office visit or telephone consultation if you live outside of the San Diego area. Please call our office at (760) 274-2377 or toll-free at (855) DOC.MARK to schedule your appointment.

A variety of lab tests are offered at Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. We use the most respected, innovative laboratories in the world. Standard blood and urine testing, cutting edge saliva hormone testing, comprehensive stool analysis, heavy metal testing, vitamin and mineral blood analysis, food and environmental sensitivity testing, and many other useful tests are available

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Health Products

The Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine online store offers a large variety of high-quality vitamins and supplements to support your natural health. You can access our online store and learn more about our health products.

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