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Progesterone and Breast Health

It is estimated that 2 million women per year reach menopause in the United States and millions more are in pre-menopause, the years leading up to the cessation of their menstrual cycle. One of the important hormones to test and boost up if low is progesterone. It not only helps to relieve symptoms but protects your breast tissue from the growth stimulating effects of estrogen. The International Journal of Cancer published a study where the blood progesterone levels of 5,963 premenopausal were measured. The analysis found that women with the highest blood levels of progesterone had a 60% decreased risk of breast cancer compared to women with the lowest progesterone levels. And those women with the highest blood levels of progesterone who had a regular period experienced an 88% decreased risk of breast cancer. At the Stengler Center we offer comprehensive hormone analysis and natural hormone balancing programs. Contact the clinic for your evaluation at 760-274-2377 or make an appointment now.