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Leucadia, CA

Integrative Cancer Support Treatment in Leucadia, CA

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Comprehensive Care for Cancer Support in Leucadia

Dr. Angela and Mark Stengler offer invaluable services to patients battling cancer. Their integrative approach provides complementary care for individuals undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other conventional treatments. With a focus on nutritional therapy, they enhance the patients' immune response and prioritize detoxification, which plays a vital role in conventional therapies. Additionally, they are dedicated to alleviating symptoms such as muscle wasting, fatigue, digestive upset, mood changes, and hair loss.

Understanding Cancer Basics

Cancer encompasses more than one hundred different types of diseases, commonly classified by the location of the initial tumor. Our bodies constantly renew most cells. For instance, cells in the intestinal lining are replaced every few days, while other cells live for years before dividing. In the event of injury or illness, healthy new cells may grow at an accelerated rate to replace damaged ones. Once the area is healed, cell growth returns to its normal pace.

Cell Growth and Mutations

Ordinarily, genes regulate the growth of cells, ensuring the replication process starts and stops as needed. However, mutations in these genes, caused by factors like inheritance, diet, or the environment, can cause cells to multiply and divide excessively. Some cancers are benign and pose little harm, such as warts or uterine fibroids.

The Threat of Malignant Growth

Malignant growths, on the other hand, divert nutrients from healthy tissues, disrupting normal bodily functions to a potentially fatal extent. If a tumor continues to grow, its cells can spread through the bloodstream or lymphatic system, forming new tumors in distant parts of the body. This metastasis process poses significant risks and complications. While early detection leads to successful treatment in many cases, cancer remains a leading cause of death in the United States, claiming a life every minute.

Holistic Treatment Approach

Dr. Stengler collaborates with patients under the primary care of an oncologist to provide supportive and integrative treatment. This includes supporting detoxification during chemotherapy and radiation, facilitating tissue healing after surgery, enhancing the immune system, and promoting overall body balance by addressing specific organ weaknesses.

Find Hope and Support

You don't have to face cancer alone. Dr. Stengler and his compassionate team in Leucadia, CA, offer comprehensive care and unwavering support throughout your cancer journey. Discover the benefits of integrative cancer support treatment tailored to your unique needs. Visit our website at or call (760) 274-2377 to learn more about Dr. Stengler's practice and schedule a consultation.

Together, let us empower you with knowledge, support, and positivity to confront cancer head-on. Contact us today to embark on a path of healing, restoration, and holistic well-being.

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