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BOOK: Your Vital Child: A Natural Healing Guide for Caring Parents

The ultimate resource for using food, vitamins, herbs, and other natural methods to make your children the healthiest they can be.

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About the Book

“This book empowers parents and is a wonderful reference book for anyone interested in doing the best for their child’s health and well-being. It looks beyond the obvious quick-fix remedies to build a healthier child from the inside out. I highly endorse it.” – Jane Seymour

Popular natural health experts Dr. Mark and Dr. Angela Stengler deliver just what every parent and parent-to-be needs: a comprehensive book that shows how they can be their child’s necessitate using conventional medical treatment, and this book gives parents the confidence and wisdom to identify and treat ailments naturally.

With a strong emphasis on the positive impact that good nutrition, exercise, and a caring emotional environment can have on a child’s health, Your Vital Child tells parents how to be proactive and keep their children on a naturally healthy course, and how to safely administer natural remedies for everything from back eyes to stuffy noses to tonsillitis.

The authors include detailed case histories of children who have responded successfully to their treatment. The most complete natural child health-care book on the market, this volume also addresses behavioral issues such as ADD, depression, and preadolescent sexuality and offers proven treatments. Your Vital Child is all parents need to feel confident in their ability to give their child a smart start to a long healthy life.

From the Inside Flap

“Your Vital Child will help take your child’s health to a higher level. It is a must for all parents.”
James F. Balch, M.D., coauthor of the best-selling Prescription for Nutritional Healing

“Your Vital Child is the most comprehensive source of reliable information on natural health care for children. The Stenglers have done a fabulous job of organizing a great deal of data into a very understandable and practical guide for all parents. While this book will help parents implement safe and effective natural approaches to achieve wellness for their children, Your Vital Child should also be on the desks of all family doctors and pediatricians.”
Zoltan Rona, M.D., author of Childhood Illness and The Allergy Connection

“Your Vital Child is a treasure chest for parents who want their children to achieve their highest health potential — naturally.”
Michael T. Murray, N.D., coauthor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

“Your Vital Child is an incredibly comprehensive and helpful book on children’s health and natural medicine. I highly recommend it for all parents and physicians.”
Lendon Smith, M.D., author of How to Raise a Healthy Child and The Infant Survival Guide