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The Right ‘Whey’ to Lose Weight

Losing weight is only part of the battle. Anyone can drop a few pounds, but many dieters find they end up losing muscle while the fat they hope to shed stubbornly clings to all the wrong places. That’s why I recommend adding whey protein to any diet plan. Whey contains leucine, which feeds your muscles even as you cut back on your calories. As a result, dieters who supplement with whey protein lose more fat and less muscle. In one new study in the Journal of Nutrition, dieters were given whey protein, soy protein or a carb-based blend. Those who had soy or carbs had triple the rate of myofibrillar protein synthesis, a marker of muscle loss. If you’re starting a new diet with the New Year, consider supplementing with whey. Be sure to look for one with no added sugars, especially if you choose a flavored supplement.

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