VIDEO: Testosterone Deficiency and Natural Ways to Improve Levels

In this video, Dr. Mark Stengler discusses the rates of low testosterone in men, symptoms arising from this condition, and some ways to naturally increase testosterone levels.

Video Transcript:

Dr. Angela Stengler: Hi, welcome the Natural Healing. We’re first going to start talking about men and testosterone. Is it the new fountain of youth? It seems like mainstream medicine television commercials is talking about testosterone replacement. Is it really that common in men? Women have been treated for low hormones for quite a while now especially with the menopause coming on and you know Dr. Mark how common is low testosterone in men?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Well it’s interesting researchers have looked at this question in recent years and one study picked fifteen hundred men checked their testosterone levels and they found 24 percent of the men actually had low testosterone levels. And after age 40, your testosterone levels in men dropped between 0.4 to 2.6 percent a year. So for some men it drops quite quickly.

Dr. Angela Stengler: Well I have to ask you know seriously, are there actual signs and symptoms of low testosterone or is this kind of a media thing where oh men over 40 everyone must get tested and be treated for low testosterone?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Well certainly low testosterone is much more common than we ever thought. That’s what mainstream research has shown.

But you’re seeing the classic symptoms of low testosterone: fatigue, lower libido, or sexual dysfunction in men, depression is a common symptom. Men can even get things like anxiety, night sweats; actually, men come in they get night sweats – it can be a very serious problem that can be a symptom of low testosteroneinsomnia and not being able to maintain bone density or muscle mass. Almost all classic symptoms of low testosterone.

Dr. Angela Stengler: So, the average male 40 or over that comes in for a physical, would you just naturally test for low testosterone or is that only something you would do if they’re complaining about some of the symptoms?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Normally, if they’re 40 years, 40 years of age and they don’t have low testosterone; not necessarily, but by age 45 we do routinely test their testosterone level once a year along the regular blood work.

Dr. Angela Stengler: Okay, so you’re doing it along with their blood work – their testosterone comes a little bit low – is your first line of defense testosterone replacement or is there something else we can do, naturally?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Oh, we always try for a testosterone that’s low in men we always try to get their level up naturally; if at all, possible. There are natural things that will increase their testosterone level. So, for example, if a man has zinc deficiency they cannot produce the testosterone in their testicles so we screen for zinc deficiency get them on zinc and that can increase their testosterone. Some studies have shown that magnesium increasing magnesium in their diet and supplement form can help increase their testosterone level. For other men, there are other treatments we can use their herbs like Maca, for example, that may help to increase your testosterone level. Fenugreek extract has been shown in some studies to increase testosterone levels.

Another nutrient an amino acid like substance called Acetyl-L-Carnitine it’s been shown in studies once you take it, about 3000 milligrams a day for two to three months, that can increase a man’s testosterone level to then we’ve got some very basic things: exercise, especially anaerobic exercise like weightlifting, that increases testosterone and men have to get enough protein and diet. If you don’t get enough protein testosterone levels do drop.

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