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Forever Young Radio Show & Podcast

Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD has received extensive training in both conventional medicine and natural alternatives, giving him the tools to provide the perfect combination of advanced modern technology and powerful time-tested traditional therapies.

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Forever Young Radio Show

Featuring “America’s Natural Doctor”, Dr. Stengler is the #1 source of real, evidence-based functional medicine on the planet. Each show reviews cutting-edge information in holistic and integrative medicine.

Radio Show of America Natural Doctor

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How do you know what diet, supplements, or even medications are right for you? With so many health issues happening within our society, things can often get confusing, leaving us in a place of feeling unsure on what direction to take when it comes to our health.  Our mission on Forever Young has been the same for two decades, and that’s to inform and educate every listener on healthier lifestyle options and good quality science-based information.Each week, America’s Natural Doctor, Mark Stengler, NMD and his special guests will provide you with the proper knowledge so you can get the answers to the common health questions that have become puzzling and have held you back from achieving optimal health.

America’s Natural Doctor, Mark Stengler has a true passion for combining the best of conventional and natural medicine to achieve optimized health and wellness for his patients and listeners.

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