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Vaginal Bleeding and COVID-19 Vaccination

The journal Science Advances published a much-needed article on the relationship between COVID-19 vaccination in non-menstruating women. Researchers reported that the risk of unexpected vaginal bleeding after vaccination increased 3 to 5 times in non-menstruating perimenopausal women and 2 to 3 times in postmenopausal women four weeks after COVID-19 vaccination.  The researchers in this article noted that the findings were similar to two extensive studies published on the topic from the United States and Sweden. Vaginal bleeding occurred in women whether they were on hormone therapy or not.

The mechanism for the vaginal bleeding and relationship to COVID-19 vaccination in this study is unknown. The issue for patients and their doctors is that vaginal bleeding requires further diagnostics to make sure something more serious is not occurring, such as uterine cancer. Since the uterus is hormonally influenced, it seems reasonable to think there is at least a temporary hormonal disruption from the COVID-19 vaccine in some women.

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