Video: Treating Menopause Naturally: Testosterone Replacement In Women

Now a lot of women are surprised to find out that, yes, women do make testosterone in their body as well as men.

In this video, Dr. Mark Stengler discusses how testosterone replacement in premenopausal, menopausal, and post menopausal women can relieve related symptoms and improve their overall health.


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Hi I’m Dr. Mark Stengler from the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine and I’m continuing my series on how to help women going through premenopause and menopause naturally.

And today I’m going to talk about testosterone replacement. Now a lot of women are surprised to find out that, yes, women do make testosterone in their body as well as men.

It’s often thought of as a male hormone but it’s very important for women as well. You see, in women, testosterone plays several important functions. You need it to maintain lean muscle mass.

You need if for bone density and strong bones.

You need it for good cognitive or brain function. Your heart requires it and it plays a big role in symptoms such as libido or sexual function. And so we test the levels of testosterone with our patients.

Women in the premenopausal years, menopausal, or postmenopausal years, and if they have a deficiency, and if they have symptoms like the ones I mentioned, certainly we can use bioidentical or natural hormone replacement to augment their testosterone levels and the improvements can be quite significant.

Most women will notice improvement within two to four weeks and they can get the full effects within two months.

They have done studies on testosterone replacement in women and when you use it in the topical or transdermal form – a form that absorbs through your skin and goes into your bloodstream. They have found it to be extremely safe.

They found no association between that type of testosterone replacement and the risk of breast cancer in women. So many hundreds of our female patients have experienced benefit from testosterone replacement.

I’d recommend you have your doctor test your level if you’re deficient and you’re having these symptoms. It certainly could be of great benefit to you.

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