VIDEO: Testosterone and Heart Health

Testosterone levels are a big deal for men. Low levels of testosterone are associated with several cardiovascular risk factors, including levels of total and LDL cholesterol and inflammation, insulin resistance, and blood vessel wall dysfunction.

Testosterone helps balance lipid levels in the body. Furthermore, studies of senior men have shown that men with low testosterone had about 10 times the plaque buildup in their hearts.

In this short video, Dr. Stengler discusses the relationship between testosterone levels and health issues in the heart.

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Testosterone and Cardiovascular Disease

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**Begin Transcript**

Dr. Angela Stengler: I wanted to just bring about some important things about testosterone and how it’s helpful to the heart.

Dr. Mark Stengler: Yes.

Dr. Angela Stengler: Some of the studies here I’ll read one here. Low levels of testosterone have been associated with several cardiovascular risk factors including increased levels of total and LDL cholesterol and inflammation, insulin resistance as well and blood vessel wall dysfunction. So if someone is elderly and has a risk of heart disease you automatically think OK maybe testosterone would be beneficial for them?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Well again, Testosterone helps to balance the lipid levels out in men. Number two look they’ve done studies with senior men and men with low testosterone had ten times the amount of plaque forming in their arteries. So it seems to inhibit plaque formation in the arteries for men. So yes, I mean very poor, and remember testosterone affects muscles, your heart is a muscle. So you’re more apt for your heart to not function as effectively if you’re low testosterone. For example, a man who has congestive heart failure, you’d want to check your testosterone level if its low give it to him that can help her heart pump with better force?

Dr. Angela Stengler: And is there any contraindication they’re taking heart medications or taking some sort of other conventional drug. Can you not take the actual testosterone with those medications?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Typically it’s not a problem again usually the only time you wouldn’t use testosterone would be in men who have an active cancer going on at the time. Not that it would aggravate or cause that cancer but that’s typically the standard.

Dr. Angela Stengler: They want to be on the safe side then.

**End Transcript**