VIDEO: Solve mood problems with amino acid therapy

Watch Dr. Mark Stengler interview with natural health expert, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, regarding the role of amino acids in adjusting neurotransmitters to address mood problems like depression and anxiety. They also discuss the emerging research on pharmaceutical agents used to treat these health concerns.

Video Transcript

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: As a physician practice medicine almost 40 years. This this this the newness of these therapies involving amino acids to just neurotransmitters is absolutely astounding for people that have tried all those things.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD: Right.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: And it’s not working.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD: Right.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: This will turn them around in a matter of months. It’s so powerful. Anxiety and depression in your experience.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD:  In your experience with anxiety and depression, what percent of patients can get balanced out  and feel good on neurotransmitter therapy versus pharmaceuticals?

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: I would tell you Mark that my experience with neurotransmitter therapies at this point is 100 percent.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD: Yeah.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: I have not experienced a failure. And you know you could. That brings us to the top kind of addictions of addictions and substance abuse.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD: That’s a whole…

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: Not all people, but many people that have substance abuse are using that substance because that substance tends to balance out their brain chemistry.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD: Temporarily balances out their brain chemistry.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: So they’re actually self-medicating for their symptoms so if they’re tense all the time and you ask them why are you tense and they say you know I don’t really have to have a reason I’m just tense all the time! I don’t know why I’m tense. I’m just and all the time. There’s something wrong with the balance of their chemistry. And they’re going to tend to go out and want to drink or do something to calm themselves down the self medicate.

Dr. Mark Stengler NMD: In your opinion how much neurotransmitter balance do you find is caused by the long term use of pharmaceutical medications especially the psychiatric medications?

Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD: I mean there is a lot of emerging evidence they damage we don’t know if it is permanent or temporary The neurons in the brain. Especially the amphetamines, and some of the other drugs like the SSRI’s and the anti-depressant sort of medications you can get over those I haven’t really seen any big problem but you can’t just stop them suddenly because they create their own imbalance and you essentially become addicted to them.

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