VIDEO: What are the Root Causes of Fatigue?

Having spoken to thousands of patients over the years. They’ve expressed their frustration with conventional medicine and how poorly it treats chronic fatigue. In this video I discuss alternative treatments to Chronic Fatigue.

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Dr. Mark Stengler from the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas California.

And today I want to talk about root causes of fatigue.

Having spoken to thousands of patients over the years.

They’ve expressed their frustration with conventional medicine and how poorly it treats chronic fatigue.

And the problem with treating fatigue in conventional medicine is they look for primary causes which is a good thing they look for things like being anemic, low in iron, low red blood cells, maybe low thyroid, or other serious causes.

But for most people lab tests or at least conventional lab tests are not going to find these problems causing their fatigue.

So at our clinic we dig much deeper.

We certainly use lab tests to find out the root cause, as well as talk to the patient, find out what’s been happening in their health history.

Are they under a lot of stress?

Do they have symptoms of depression or anxiety which would not show up on a blood test?

We look at things which aren’t so obvious.

Maybe up things like heavy metals in your body like high mercury levels, high lead or arsenic which certainly could cause fatigue.

We always screen very heavily for nutritional deficiencies.

With the standard American diet being so devoid of nutrients, low nutrient levels such as B 12 for example, other B vitamins, coenzyme Q10.

These things can all contribute to fatigue because our cells need these nutrients to produce energy efficiently and effectively.

As well we look at hormone imbalances. In men testosterone deficiency can cause fatigue.

Low thyroid and both men and women is a very common cause of fatigue as well.

In addition, sometimes lab tests cannot find the reason why people have fatigue and we need to treat them.

So we use non-toxic treatments we use supplements which stimulate their own cell production of energy safely and effectively.

Or we will do fancier things, will do things like I.V. therapy where we infuse your blood with levels of nutrients that are much higher than you can get by taking them in pill form and that stimulates energy production the body gets your cells healthier and you can produce energy better on your own?

Or we may use more advanced techniques such as ozone I.V. therapy where we use ozone which is three oxygen atoms infused into your blood and then it’s transferred through the bloodstream throughout the body and your cells use oxygen to create energy.

So the nice thing is holistic medicine has many different approaches to help you treat the root causes of why you have fatigue.

I hope you found this helpful.

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