VIDEO: Natural Appetite Suppressants

There are a lot of common drugs that can cause weight gain, from anti-depressants to blood pressure medications, and this can predispose a person to various diseases and even cancers by creating inflammation.

A helpful option we use at the Stengler Center is natural appetite suppressants. These can include plant extracts and soluble fiber. There are tons of them.

When you eat less, your blood sugar levels stay under control and you lose weight. It’s very simple.

If you’re interested in natural appetite suppressants or any other natural weight loss solutions, call the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine to schedule a consultation with a specialist.


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A lot of common drugs that can cause weight gain. Antidepressants; we talked about, birth control pills, synthetic hormones like prednisone, diabetes drugs can do it. Insulin can do it.

And, blood pressure medications. And, of course Americans crave food. So here is a helpful option I use with patients. I use it daily in my practice because it’s such a common problem, and you can too. I use natural appetite suppressants.

Let me tell you about one are really like a lot and used for number of years with patients. It’s an Indian vegetable called Caralluma Fimbtiata. You know it’s used by the local people there and has been for centuries during times of famine. You know in one recent study people who took this plant extract lost as much as nine pounds in one month without sticking to a diet or exercise.

Now obviously I always advocate doing a proper diet and exercise but these these plant therapies when used correctly at the right dose can get quite pronounced effects on your metabolism. Also, I like to use with patients to help with weight, soluble fiber slows down the absorption of glucose into your bloodstream.

So your blood sugar doesn’t spike and then your body doesn’t store it as fat very important and it makes you feel full. And so obviously when you’re eating less your blood sugar stays down you can get less fat around the midsection. And remember there’s one other big problem when you accumulate fat around the midsection and hips especially around the waist here. Fat cells around the abdomen produce inflammatory chemicals.

So remember that’s why weight when you’re overweight it does predispose you to so many different diseases even various cancers because you’re creating inflammation in your cells and that’s not a good thing. And as we talked about the beginning of the show we’ve got to get that inflammation under control.

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