VIDEO: Hypertension Medications and Nutrient Depletion

We see a lot of patients who are on prescribed blood pressure medications. Studies have shown many nutrients are depleted by these meds.

Many deplete the body of potassium, which can lead to muscle cramps and fatigue.

What other nutrients might these hypertension medications be depleting? And more importantly, how can you supplement these nutrients naturally? Watch the video above to find out.

If you’re on blood pressure medications and have been suffering side effects, please contact the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. With a holistic approach, we can not only help replenish depleted nutrients that your body needs, we can also look at the root causes that led to high blood pressure in the first place.

**Begin Video Transcript**

Dr. Angela Stengler: Another very common drug that we see your patients on is blood pressure medications. I mean it seems like everyone and their brother has had a blood pressure medication with the stress of our diet and  poor lifestyle so what nutrients do they deplete?

Dr. Mark Stengler: Well, studies have shown various nutrients are depleted by blood pressure medications. The most common one is potassium because a lot of people are one what is called diuretics. They flush out the excess fluid and then the blood pressure comes down – potassium loss. Not all diuretics do but a large number do and that can lead to muscle cramps and fatigue and things like that.

Studies have shown that they can deplete you of calcium, magnesium, also zinc; which you need for good skin health and immune system, many of the B vitamins as well as vitamin C. So really these people are prone to a lot of different nutritional deficiencies that’s why a good high potency multivitamin would be highly recommended and then some extra B vitamins and potassium is typically recommended as well.

**End Video Transcript**