Video: Cancer Supportive Therapy with Dr. Mark LaBeau

Cancer supportive therapy is the use of integration of natural therapies with traditional therapies for overall optimal outcomes. When dealing with standard therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery they have an excellent cancer kill rate, but they’re not supportive to the overall healing process.

In addition, they suffer from causing toxicities. Whereas supportive therapies have limited cancer kill but they are very supportive taking care of nutritional deficiencies, taking care of toxicities, and also help prevent the further reoccurrence of cancer.

I find is very important from my years of working with patients that have been suffering from cancer, to be patient focused and tailored, because I find it’s more important or at least equally important to look at the patient as a cancer.

Working with natural therapies, I find have no conflict with traditional therapy. In fact, it gives less side effects from the therapy that you’re undergoing, additionally allows for better quality of life and better survival rates.

So if you’re looking for a total cancer integrative therapy consider using a tailored approach for optimal outcomes.