Organic is Best

It would seem like common sense…consuming foods that are laden with pesticides and other chemicals are not as healthy as organic foods. There will always be those who say organic foods are not worth the extra money…but they are usually the same people who also believe that all the nutrients we need are found in the food we consume and supplements are useless.

Now a review of 343 peer-reviewed studies concluded that fruits and vegetables contain more of the essential nutrients you need for a healthy body. For example, they contain much higher levels of flavonoids, nutrients that help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Organic foods have also been shown to be much lower in toxic metals. Another bonus since toxic metals contribute to a host of diseases from tremors to cancer. This recent study found much lower levels of the metal cadmium in organic foods compared to non organic foods.

Of course they are lower in pesticides as well, and we know there is an association between pesticide exposure and Parkinson’s disease and cancers such as breast cancer.

Fortunately many large grocery chains are now carrying organic foods which makes it more economical and convenient for people to purchase.