SPECIAL REPORT: Critical Heart Disease Tests That Could Save Your Life!

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“I’m only in my fifties and my arteries are already all plugged up. I even had to agree to have stents put in! I just don’t get it doc my cholesterol levels weren’t even that high!”

With over 205,000 Americans having a second heart attack every year, Jim is far from alone. But if you’re already in that boat with him don’t despair; there are things you can do to drop your heart risk starting today.

If you haven’t had any heart problems yet don’t make the mistake of assuming you’re safe. The plaque in Jim’s arteries certainly didn’t build up overnight, and just like Jim you could already be at risk for heart disease, a heart attack, or stroke and not have a clue. After all, there’s a reason heart disease is called “the silent killer.” Being unaware that you even have a problem until you have that first heart attack isn’t uncommon. Symptoms can be misleading (if you have any at all) and testing, is often inadequate.

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