Why Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Is Important In Heart Surgery

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an important supplement for people scheduled for some type of heart surgery. One of the major causes of death after a heart operation is low cardiac output. This means the heart muscle is not effectively pumping blood throughout the coronary arteries and the rest of the body. Studies have shown that CoQ10 is quite remarkable in preventing this problem as well as arrhythmias. It also has been shown to preserve the structure of heart muscle, shorten hospital recovery time and length of hospital stay following heart surgery.

In one study 40 people scheduled for coronary artery bypass surgery were given either a placebo or 150 mg of CoQ10 daily for 7 days before their operation. The number of arrhythmias and blood markers of heart damage during the postoperative period were significantly less for those who supplemented COQ10.

Another similarly designed study found those given CoQ10 had significantly less medication, fewer blood transfusions, and a 31 percent decrease in average hospital stay. The recommended CoQ10 dosage is 100 mg twice daily. Check with your surgeon about supplementing CoQ10 before and after your surgery.



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