The Connection Between Poor Sleep and Weight Gain

If you find the biggest roadblock to your diet is willpower, welcome to the club.

Temptation has been undermining diets for as long as people have been trying to lose weight – but there’s a simple way to firm your resolve so you eat less and make better choices: get more sleep.

New research confirms that poor sleep can break your willpower, increasing your impulsiveness and making you prone to bad decisions, especially when it comes to food.

It makes perfect sense when you consider that poor sleep and obesity often go hand-in-hand.

Better sleep won’t just help you make better decisions about food. The study finds it can help you to make better choices overall – so whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, be sure to get the sleep you need tonight and every night.


Reference: How a bad night’s sleep erodes your self-control: Not enough shut-eye makes you more impulsive and can fuel addiction