Protect Your Right To Take Supplements

Your right to take safe and natural supplements is coming under attack – and it’s time to fight back.

Led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, attorneys general from 14 states are calling on the feds to put tighter controls and restrictions on herbal remedies.

This comes after Schneiderman used bogus tests to have herbal extracts pulled from stores – tests so poorly conducted they were criticized by mainstream experts from respected institutions such as Harvard University.

After independent tests proved the supplements contained exactly what they were supposed to, Schneiderman quietly struck a deal with one of the stores he attacked, GNC, to allow the supplements back on shelves with no changes to their ingredients or how they’re made. (It’s a safe bet he’ll be cutting deals with the other stores, too.)

But being publicly proven wrong hasn’t stopped his baseless attacks. If anything, he’s only getting bolder – and if he gets his way, the herbal remedies you rely on could soon be pulled from stores across the country.

It’s time to take action to stop this before it goes too far. Write to your lawmakers and demand they look at the evidence, not Schneiderman’s fear-mongering, and urge them to stand up for your right to use safe and proven natural remedies.

The Alliance for Natural Health has a letter on its website that it will send on your behalf, which you can sign right here.


Reference: NY Attorney General—and Now Thirteen Other AGs—Take Their Assault on Supplements to Congress