Pollution Linked to Dementia

Living near a major road or highway might be great for a quicker commute, but it can also speed the aging process in your brain and put you in the express lane for dementia.

When you live close to a major roadway, factory or even in a busy urban area, you’re exposed to brain-damaging pollutants every time you inhale. Now, new research finds exposure to those pollutants will speed “brain shrink.”

A little shrink is normal as we grow older, but highway pollutants can add a full year of aging to the brain.

In addition, the study in the journal Stroke finds living near a major roadway increases the risk of “silent” strokes by 46 percent. As the name indicates, you usually won’t feel a silent stroke – but the damage it leaves behind can increase your risk of dementia, depression, vision loss and motor problems.

If you believe you’ve been exposed to pollution, it may not be too late to reverse the damage. A natural detoxification regimen can help chase out the poisons accumulating in your body, including the brain.

Reference: Air pollution could increase risk of dementia