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How do you know what diet, supplements, or even medications are right for you? With so many health issues happening within our society, things can often get confusing. America’s Natural Doctor, Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD provides you with the most updated, science-backed information so you can find answers to common health questions that have become puzzling and have held you back from achieving optimal health.

Chronic Fatigue Brings Big Risks to Women

The only thing worse than a struggle with chronic fatigue…

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One Minute With Dr. Stengler on Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is a serious condition that effects at least…

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The attack on store-brand supplements is an attack on YOU

I don’t get mad very often. But this morning, I’m…

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A Recent CoQ10 Study With Gulf War Veterans

I want to talk about a very unique study that…

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More Than Cholesterol

Emerging research has demonstrated that the standard cholesterol (lipid) panel is not a good way to assess your cardiovascular risk.

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Aggressive Prescription Weight Loss & Diabetes

As with many people with diabetes, the real cause of her elevated glucose level was her obesity. She was 100 pounds overweight. In order to avoid diabetic medications, she needed drastic weight loss.

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