Ozone Therapy: What It Is And Why It Works

Testing the amount of oxygen you take in and the carbon dioxide you breathe out can tell us how efficiently you use oxygen. When you use oxygen really efficiently, you breathe out less CO2.

These tests have been used on athletes for the last 15 years. Regardless of age, in 15 years, Dr. Frank Shallenberger has never seen a patient with optimal oxygen usage with any form of disease. Conversely, all patients with disease have a low score on the oxygen usage tests.

This tells us something! If someone comes through with a score of 95 on the test, we know it’s unlikely that they’re suffering from a disease. But, if someone comes through our doors with a score like 65, they are likely suffering.

Ozone is a method used to increase oxygen methods. Ozone is basically a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It can’t exist in nature by itself. There aren’t enough electrons in a single oxygen atom, so they bond together to share electrons (that’s why the air we breathe contains H2O). We use ozone (H3O) because treatment with oxygen does not improve oxygen efficiency. H2O simply does not have enough energy to improve the way we process oxygen. The extra oxygen electron is what we need. When we treat with the third oxygen atom, your body is forced to use it, because we breathe H2O. So it gets rid of the third oxygen atom by using oxygen more efficiently. It’s amazing! Ozone therapy has been used therapeutically in Germany for the last 50 years or so.

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