Glutathione Continued: One Minute With Dr. Stengler

In a previous video, Dr. Stengler talked about the super antioxidant glutathione and all the great benefits it has on the human body. Let’s look at a specific study, looking at use of oral glutathione with healthy adults. In this study which was published in the European Journal of Nutrition, they looked at the effects of supplementing glutathione, a certain brand known as Setria, on 54 healthy adults. What they found in this study was, when people supplemented GL, it increased their natural killer cell activity by double compared to those taking a placebo.

This is really quite powerful, because your natural killer cells go in your blood stream and kill cancer cells, they kill microbes like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So if you’re a person that’s battling with cancer, or maybe you get sick very easily during the winter, or throughout the rest of the year, talk to your doctor about using glutathione as a supplement. It sure is a powerful stimulator of the immune system!