Chronic Fatigue is Officially Recognized!

For years, patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome have gotten the runaround from mainstream doctors, many of whom won’t even acknowledge that this debilitating condition is real.

That’s about to change. The Institute of Medicine has now given it an official definition: profound fatigue that’s worsened by exertion (including mental exertion and stress) and isn’t helped by sleep. Patients also typically suffer from either thinking difficulties or problems remaining upright.

The IOM has even given the condition a new name: systemic exertion intolerance disease, or SEID. But the name doesn’t matter much to me – it’s the treatment that’s far more important. And while the IOM is finally giving this disease its long-overdue recognition, it doesn’t change the fact that mainstream medicine is still powerless to treat it.

They can’t treat it, because they don’t know the cause.

It’s time to change that, too, because the cause is often hormonal (especially in women) and can be corrected with a natural therapies. As well, nutritional deficiencies and low grade viral infections are culprits. If you’ve been getting the runaround from your own doctor, seek the advice of an experienced holistic medical doctor for complete testing and treatment.