More Than Cholesterol

Emerging research has demonstrated that the standard cholesterol (lipid) panel is not a good way to assess your cardiovascular risk.

A typical panel usually consists of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. While there is some value to knowing your levels of these lipids, it is inadequate to get a full understanding of your blood cardiovascular risk.

For example, approximately 75% of people that have had a heart attack had normal LDL cholesterol levels as measured with your standard lipid panels. We know that 60% of those who are at risk for cardiovascular disease will not be identified by the typical lipid panel.

At the Stengler Center we look at more than 20 different cardiovascular risk markers to properly assess someone’s risk. This ranges from the size of LDL particles, blood viscosity, genetic markers like lipoprotein a, nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acid levels and vitamin D, blood sugar regulation markers, to various hormones such as cortisol and testosterone that are related to cardiovascular risk.

By knowing your risks you can utilize nutritional and natural therapies that will modify your risk.