Are you aspirin resistant?

50 million people in the United States are on chronic aspirin therapy. Recent research has shown that many people who are prescribed aspirin as an anti-platelet therapy (reduce platelet clumping which forms clots) actually receive no benefit at all and are more likely to have severe strokes than those who respond to the drug. This is because a high percentage of aspirin users-approximately 30 percent- are aspirin resistant, meaning the drug does not work for inhibiting the formation of clots.
If you do not have a history of cardiovascular disease and have no good medical reason for taking aspirin daily as a preventative measure then work with a holistic doctor on your diet and supplements that naturally prevent blood clots such as fish oil, vitamin E, and nattokinase.

If you require anti-platelet therapy because of a medical condition such as a heart valve problem, history of a stroke, or arrhythmia then you should at minimum be tested for aspirin resistance. If you are aspirin resistant then a different medication can be used.