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How do you know what diet, supplements, or even medications are right for you? With so many health issues happening within our society, things can often get confusing. America’s Natural Doctor, Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD provides you with the most updated, science-backed information so you can find answers to common health questions that have become puzzling and have held you back from achieving optimal health.

Progesterone and Breast Health

One of the important hormones to test and boost up if low is progesterone. It not only helps to relieve symptoms but protects your breast tissue from the growth stimulating effects of estrogen.

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The Problem with Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is a known hormone disruptor that is associated with increased breast cancer risk and autism.

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5 Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is the most common reason for a referral to a gastroenterologist. IBS is characterized by a malfunction in the digestive tract.

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It’s All About The Gut (Digestion)

In fact, I find that nearly every patient with a chronic condition needs to address digestion issues…and even most healthy people would feel much bet­ter if they improved their digestion.

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Are Natural Bioidentical Hormones Best?

As I flicked through the TV channels one evening, as a…

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Is Your Blood Too Thick?

I will tell you how you can determine if you are at risk for thick blood and how to treat it naturally using alternative health remedies.

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