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BESTSELLER: The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies: Proven Remedies that Medical Doctors Don’t Know

UPDATED AND REVISED EDITION. From fast-acting natural cures for arthritis, viruses, and hardened arteries, to fatigue, burns and injuries and more, this revised edition of one of the most trusted books on natural remedies includes more than 50 new entries as well as updates throughout.

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Choosing natural remedies, can be a difficult and confusing task. Here, renowned naturopathic physician Mark Stengler provides readers with explanations of 100 of the hottest products on the supplement shelf. Based on Stengler’s extensive experience practicing and studying natural therapies, this book offers sound advice to help readers protect their health and fight illness. Divided into two parts:

Part I begins with an A-to-Z listing of natural therapies. Each section provides an introduction to the therapy being discussed, explaining what it is and why it’s effective. It then provides an alphabetical list of specific conditions and ailments each healing therapy will help prevent or cure, with explicit directions on how to use it for optimal results. Also included are sidebars, real-life examples, and anecdotes to enhance readability.

Part II provides a comprehensive list of resources, including sources for herbs and supplements, practitioners of homeopathic medicine, and sources of exercise and natural therapy equipment. Included are supplements not yet publicized throughout the medical world such as Calcium D-Glucarate for sweeping poisons and toxins out of the body; Ipriflavone for fighting osteoporosis; and Lomatium Root for enhancing the immune system.

“One of my new favorites!”

-Posted on by Soledad Carerra (Philadelphia, PA)

I have to say this book has quickly become one of my most used reference books on natural medicine. Dr. Stengler did a truly superb job in consolidating the information in an understandable and practical way. I count his book as a reliable resource for herbal/nutritional/ homeopathic information. And, that says a lot because nowadays anybody with some credentials can write up a book, but is it information you can trust? Another thing about this book, that I truly liked was it opened the world of homeopathy to me – the uses of Sepia and Pulsatilla for women! This book should be on every interested person’s bookshelf.