April M. – La Mesa, CA

We are so thankful for Dr Stengler! After years of infertility he helped us get to the root causes and after just six months of supplements we got pregnant. We bring our little one to him and now many of… [Read More]


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Katie S. – CA

After years of seeing every kind of doctor and specialists under the sun from traditional Western MD’s to trying acupuncture and herbs and taking so many hard-core and very toxic traditional drugs to treat my conditions, as well as a… [Read More]


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Kayla S. – San Diego, CA

Dr. Stengler has worked wonders with my daughter! She has gone from being a wild, impulsive, and out-of-control child to a much calmer child. She is enjoying life and sleeping much better. We are thankful we tried Dr. Stengler as… [Read More]

Children's Health

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Mike O. – La Jolla, CA

I had weight loss of 28 pounds in 30 days! Powerful experience. Easy, and extreme results right away. There was no intense carb/sugar withdrawal either. Plus, the healthy habits, ie: shopping, making lunch are great tools to take forward. Not… [Read More]

Weight Loss

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Kenneth S.

Skin Issue – The treatment you prescribed for the large blisters on my leg using colloidal silver was very successful in a fairly short time. Thank you for helping my skin issue.

ShinglesSkin Issues

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Erin B. – Escondido, CA

Dr. Stengler helped me a lot with severe shingle pain. It was an amazing surprise. In just three days, I had great relief from the pain and was able to get rid of my Ibuprofen pills. I have been fine… [Read More]

ShinglesSkin Issues

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Shannon P.

I had Candida Albicans overgrowth in my body. I had a list of symptoms that started 10 years prior. I went to many medical doctors throughout the ten years and they did not know how to treat my symptoms. Finally… [Read More]

Candida AlbicansShinglesSkin Issues

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Simone O. – San Diego, CA

My daughter, Sabelle started suffering from severe stuttering at age 3. We were working with her daily and she was also seeing a speech therapist weekly with minimum results. I took her to see Dr. Stengler who gave her a… [Read More]

Severe Stuttering

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Jackie G. – Canyon Lake, CA

I have been treated by Dr. Stengler for a respiratory problem less than a year, and his treatment has made my health care treatment less complicated and more effective than 11 years of the attempts of typical Western Medicine approaches…. [Read More]


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Edward M. – Saskatchewan, Canada

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my oncologist told me I had less than three years to live. It has been almost seven years since that death sentence and I’m still going strong. Thanks, Dr. Mark, for my health,… [Read More]

Prostate CancerProstate Cancer Diagnosis

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Tonya C. – Oceanside, CA

One year ago, I was suffering severely during my monthly menstrual cycles (pms). I was very nauseated and in severe disabling pain. I literally could not do anything for the first two days of my menstrual cycle. My doctor diagnosed… [Read More]

PmsPremenstrual Syndrome

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Penny S. – Granada Hills, CA

I was referred to Dr. Stengler after making the rounds for two years with four different traditional doctors (two from Beverly Hills). They were apparently “practicing”; I just didn’t want it to be on me. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis… [Read More]


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