Mike Olmert – La Jolla, CA

I lost 28 pounds in 30 days! Powerful experience. Easy, and extreme results right away. There was no intense carb/sugar withdrawal either. Plus, the healthy habits, ie: shopping, making lunch are great tools to take forward. Not to mention the… [Read More]

Weight Loss

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Kenneth Switzer

The treatment you prescribed for the large blisters on my leg using colloidal silver was very successful in a fairly short time. Thank you!

ShinglesSkin Issues

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Erin Borisovsky – Escondido, CA

Dr. Stengler helped me a lot with severe shingle pain. It was an amazing surprise. In just three days, I had great relief from the pain and was able to get rid of my Ibuprofen pills. I have been fine… [Read More]

ShinglesSkin Issues

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Shannon Poullath

I had Candida Albicans overgrowth in my body. I had a list of symptoms that started 10 years prior. I went to many medical doctors throughout the ten years and they did not know how to treat my symptoms. Finally… [Read More]

Candida AlbicansShinglesSkin Issues

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Simone O’Connell – San Diego, CA

My daughter, Sabelle started stuttering severely at age 3. We were working with her daily and she was also seeing a speech therapist weekly with minimum results. I took her to see Dr. Stengler who gave her a homeopathic formula… [Read More]

Severe Stuttering

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Jackie Gordon – Canyon Lake, CA

I have been treated by Dr. Stengler for less than a year, and his treatment has made my health care treatment less complicated and more effective than 11 years of the attempts of typical Western Medicine approaches. I am not… [Read More]


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Edward Mydynski – Saskatchewan, Canada

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my oncologist told me I had less than three years to live. It has been almost seven years since that death sentence and I’m still going strong. Thanks, Dr. Mark, for my health,… [Read More]

Prostate CancerProstate Cancer Diagnosis

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Tonya P. Coletrain – Oceanside, CA

One year ago, I was suffering severely during my monthly menstrual cycles. I was very nauseated and in severe disabling pain. I literally could not do anything for the first two days of my menstrual cycle. My doctor diagnosed me… [Read More]

PmsPremenstrual Syndrome

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Penny Smith – Granada Hills, CA

I was referred to Dr. Stengler after making the rounds for two years with four different traditional doctors (two from Beverly Hills). They were apparently “practicing”; I just didn’t want it to be on me. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis… [Read More]


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Devin Hubbard – San Diego, CA

As a patient with MS (multiple sclerosis), I came to see Dr. Stengler. After a thorough evaluation I was put on a diet and intravenous regimen. My remaining symptoms went away. I highly recommend Dr. Stengler and his loving staff… [Read More]

MsMultiple Sclerosis

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Elizabeth W. – San Diego, CA

Thanks to Dr. Stengler, I didn’t have to undergo what seemed to be a horrible procedure—hydrothermal abalation—the burning of the uterine lining with hot water. I started having heavy periods with clots about four years ago. Since then, they have… [Read More]

Menstrual Difficulties

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N. Maddox

I was suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and loss of sleep. My regular OB-GYN doctor said these were normal perimenopausal symptoms. Dr. Stengler suggested a six panel hormone test. After the results, he prescribed several natural remedies which significantly… [Read More]


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